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Just a fangirl sharing her love and appreciation for all of the beautifully crafted characters out there - whether they be from novels, television, anime or video games. I am a fan fiction author, though I haven't really written anything for public consumption in a long time. I would love to stir up my muses and do what I can to contribute toward fandoms both old and new (but mostly old). I do plan to share some of my stored up fiction, but it will take me some time to dust them off and give them some much needed TLC before I'll feel ready to post them anywhere.

Expect some old-school stuff out of me - I really never can seem to "keep up with the times", so to speak. The fandoms of most interest to me are Final Fantasy 7, 8 and 12, as well as Tactics, Crisis Core and Dissidia. I do have some other random stuff lying around that might make an appearance, but we'll see.

As an aside, you ought to be aware that the vast majority of my fiction is for adults only. I mean, really NC-17 is my cuppa. I have ideas, lots of rabid bunnies running around all over the place for lengthy fics that aren't purely PWP. But have you ever tried holding onto a rabid bunny? Yeah. Yeah it's kind of a frightening experience. But I am trying my hand at gen/PG/fluff fiction, so it won't all be for the 18+ crowd. Gotta expand my horizons and all that.

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